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Download the Lineage II High Five Client

If you still don't have the game installed in your computer, you can download and install the Lineage II HighFive Client here:

>> Download Client - Link I - Google Drive

>> Download Client - Link II - Installer - Mega.nz

Note: Once installed, do not start the game and do not Update it.

Download L2Stars Server Patch

>> Download Patch - Link I - Google Drive

>> Download Patch - Link II - Mega.nz

>> Download Patch - Link III - MediaFire

>> Download Patch - Link IV - EasyUpload

Delete old "system" folder in your Lineage2 directory and replace all contents from the our PATCH (zip) file to your Lineage2 directory.

Run l2.exe from "system" folder in Lineage2 directory.

Accounts are auto-create in game