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L2 STARS H5 x25 - START 24.10.2014 - JOIN US                                                                                       Server status: -- LIVE --
*7.11.2014 9AM GMT+1

Hello everyone,

I have very bad news. Today I got a message from one Russian player to find a bug on the server L2 Stars. He showed me how they can multiply items on the server. Yesterday evening administrators of another server this bug took advantage and this server injured and broken. Now the core of server must be fixed for this bug.

However, it makes no sense to do a rollback, because even after a rollback may be activated bug again. The server was violently broken and the error must be fixed. This of course takes some time. It's not my fault that server was broken and some players use bugs but of course I understand that you're all on me broad minded and need to discharge anger. I'm sorry, I can't fix it immediately because there is a lot of work. After fixing the bug will be server wiped and will be restarted again.

I will not turn off server, you can play but unfortunately for now that you know that it contains a big bug with multiply items which must be removed. Ongoing information about the fix I'll post here later.

Posted by Devy

Hello all rock fans a game server Lineage 2 Stars!

Glad to say server

L2 STARS High Five x25

has now started and accepting players!
Server has opened 24.10.2014 6PM GMT+1

1. Create account - here
2. Download our system patch - here

Join us and enjoy it!
Every clan with 15ppl online may receive this reward:

* Clan lvl 5
* 15k Clan reputation points

Clan leader name and Clan name write here
Posted by Devy

L2 Stars BETA TEST server was launched!

20.10.2014 6PM GMT+1

Come to tune and try our BETA TEST server

L2 Stars High Five x25

Free Beta NPC for Nobles, full Exp, Armors, Weapons, Jewels, Adena, etc. will be in Giran.

Posted by Devy

*9.7.2014 9AM GMT+1

* Baium
* Valakas
* Antharas
spawn every 5 days + 2 hours random
spawn every 6 days + 12 hours random
spawn every 6 days + 12 hours random
* Stats of Grand Bosses are modified and reduced!
* Drop of Tiat and Freya ( Freya Hard ) was increased.
* Raid Bosses lvl greater than 74 drops Mouse Coins.
* More information about server settings is here
* Changelog for server L2 Stars High Five 25x is here

Posted by Devy

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During this "Closed Beta" period where only us admins can log in, we will take one final look and make sure everything it working perfectly fine before we set off and go Open Beta and Live.

In the meantime, advertise and invite all your friends to l2stars. We also suggest you register on the forums.

NOTE: Any advertising on other private server' forums is unacceptable and people caught doing this will be ip banned.

Posted by Devy

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